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A direct cremation is a simple and a courteous alternative to a typical funeral and takes place completely separately from your personal farewell event. It also perfectly suits non-religious funerals.


You can trust Go Direct Cremations to guide you through the whole process for a hassle-free, fixed-price, affordable cremation.

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How much does a direct cremation cost?

Cremation without ceremony £895

You may also
need to pay

We arrange

collection of the deceased

We help you

to complete the paperwork


takes place unattended

The ashes

are scattered or returned


A Cremation Without Ceremony is also sometimes known as a Direct Cremation. There is no funeral service and no mourners are permitted at the cremation. Only the professional attendants are present.

It is an ideal alternative for those who would prefer a simpler and cheaper funeral, without all the attendant costs of flowers, pall bearers, hearse, limousines and black coated top hatted funeral directors. This option is now being chosen by a growing number of people.

Go Direct Cremations ensures full respect for the deceased person whilst removing the emotional stress of attending the crematorium as well as unnecessary expense.

Family and friends are then able to hold a private memorial service or send-off, later, confident that they have in no way compromised the deceased by not attending the funeral, at what is a deeply distressing time.

A cremation without ceremony is a dignified alternative to a traditional cremation.

Many families hold a funeral service in their local church after which there is a procession to the crematorium attended only by immediate family members.

The cremation committal takes place and the family then join the mourners at the wake. This can be awkward since there is inevitably a delay during which the mourners are expecting refreshments but the family is not present to receive them and start proceedings.

There is no need to effectively prolong the agony this way. Few people like crematoria anyway and would excuse themselves from attending, unless their absence would be an embarrassment to the family.

At Go Direct Cremations, we do not compromise in the way the deceased is treated at any time they are in our care. They are handled with the utmost respect and dignity.

You are free to arrange your own commemoration service or celebration of life, possibly at some later date, in your preferred manner, when you are more composed and able to spend time with family members and close friends.

  • You will be helped and kept informed throughout the process
  • Go Direct Cremations arranges the collection of the deceased in a respectful manner
  • The deceased is cared for in a professional mortuary
  • We supply a simple eco pine coffin and a simple urn
  • When the paperwork is complete, the unattended cremation is arranged and conducted
  • The ashes are returned or scattered in a garden of remembrance

The ashes will, on your instructions, be returned to the family.

  • If you request the return of the ashes, these will be delivered to the address given on the on-line ordering form, securely packed in an appropriate container
  • The ashes will be returned within 21 days
  • If no such instruction is received, they will be respectfully scattered in the garden of remembrance where the cremation takes place

These are insurance policies which are paid monthly or in a lump sum. Our direct cremation cost is only £895 which is so much less than a traditional cremation service. Your executors can pay your funeral expenses out of your estate before probate.

Yes, we offer a 24/7 prompt collection service in your area, simply call 0333 444 4524.

  • Relieves the emotional trauma of visiting a funeral director and attending the crematorium
  • Go Direct Cremations offer considerable savings compared to a traditional funeral, which can cost thousands more
  • You have more choice over how to celebrate their life
  • Go Direct Cremations will arrange for the deceased to be collected in a hearse or private ambulance, which may be a plain, unmarked vehicle
  • The staff will be smartly dressed and trained to handle the deceased in a respectful manner 

As the cremation is unattended by family and friends, no, we will not advise either the date or location.

A direct cremation takes place privately with no mourners present. It is simple, respectful, and lower cost. This allows family and friends to celebrate the life at a time and place of their choosing.

If you require urgent collection from a home, there is an extra charge of £250

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