About Go Direct Cremations

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the funeral experience.  We feel that in today’s more secular world, the desire and need for a big ceremony is no longer a prime wish for many people.

There is a move towards a simpler, cheaper yet just as dignified send-off for our loved ones.

Many families are surprised by the unexpected costs of a traditional funeral.  They may be saddled with the burden of debt and Go Direct Cremations offers a simpler low-cost alternative.

We will not, however, compromise in maintaining the dignity deserved by the deceased.

Who we are?

It was clear that current choices are limited and expensive. We discovered that there were alternatives to the offerings from the traditional funeral industry and that direct cremation was clearly growing in popularity, even before COVID19. We decided to combine our joint business experience of many years and launched Go Direct Cremations.

When someone close passes away and the responsibility falls to you to organise their funeral, you may not be inclined to start surfing the internet to find alternatives. It is easier to telephone the local undertaker and hand over responsibility to them. Funeral Directors provide a valuable service, and if you can afford it, they do hold your hand through the process and take control of the responsibility and worry.

However, you then find yourself ordering an expensive coffin, hearse, embalming, extra flowers, printed material, luxury cars, Chapel of Rest for viewing, celebrant and of course the funeral directors fees. This can put the relatives in serious debt.

There is the expectation of having to provide “a good send-off” balanced against which are financial constraints. The deceased may have left instructions that they do not want a fuss and big ceremony; perhaps they would prefer you to arrange a wake at a later date.

Therefore, all these things will be going through your head, at a deeply distressing time.

Go Direct Cremations provides the answer to all this. It is called cremation without ceremony, sometimes also known as direct cremation. It is simple, respectful and affordable.
We have a national network of private funeral companies all with experienced personnel. Our administration team coordinates every aspect of the process, to provide a seamless and respectful procedure.