Condolence Message Guidance

There is an immediate desire to reach out to a relative or a friend who has lost someone close but finding the right words to use in condolence messages when someone dies is not easy. There are condolence messages in bought sympathy cards, but you may prefer to write a personal formal letter to better convey your own deepest sympathy messages. Some prefer the ubiquitous email but, for condolence messages following a bereavement, a personal letter is more correct. However, whichever you prefer, the right words are hard to find.

Suggestions for condolence messages to include in your letter

Begin the letter:
Dear (name),

Condolence messages may start with an acknowledgement such as:

How to end condolence messages

There are several ways to end sympathy messages other than with "Sincerely," and you can be more specific with one of these ideas:

Refer to the person with a personal reference, according to one’s relationship, such as:

A brief paragraph referring to the deceased’s career, achievements, awards and published work is always appreciated.