How to Arrange a low-cost cremation funeral

How to arrange and manage a low-cost direct cremation funeral?

This page covers everything you need to know to arrange a low-cost funeral.
By each relevant section, there are direct links to relevant Government departments covering every aspect to make your task as simple as possible.

What do you need to register a death?

You must take the medical certificate showing the cause of death with you.

You should also bring the deceased’s:

Don’t worry if you can’t find all these documents – you will still be able to register the death without them. The registrar will also want to know :

How to register a death?

UK Government has changed the rules during the Coronavirus lockdown

It is currently not necessary to physically visit the Register Office in person. The various documents may be scanned and sent electronically.

Or visit your local England or Wales Register Office

Visit the Government website.

Or visit your local Scottish Register Office

Visit the Government website.

Who can register a death?

If the death occurred inside a house or public building such as a hospital, the following people may register the death :

If the death took place elsewhere, the following list of people may register the death :