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Low cost funeral, an affordable option

Low cost funeral,an option you can afford - Go Direct Cremations

Lifting the lock-down and how it will affect funerals
Have we passed the peak? It may be tempting providence to say so but, our politicians, civil servants and their learned scientific advisers must think comprehensively about the steps required to ease the lock-down. Regardless of when and how this is lifted, many aspects of our lives have been examined and found wanting. And funerals, especially cheap funerals, or cremation without ceremony are just such an event.

How funeral practices have changed because of Covid-19
So, what has happened? During the Covid19 pandemic, normal funeral procedures have been suspended, for one. This is not just an excuse for a cheap funeral. An affordable option with direct cremation or cremation without ceremony is here to stay. Simple fact. If you think about it, attending a crematorium is most peoples’ least favourite pastime. We would just prefer not to have to go.

UK Government guidelines on cremations during Covid-19
Present Government guidelines during the Coronavirus epidemic prohibit no more than immediate family members, living at the same address, from attending a funeral. No wider family. Or friends. So, why not save a coffin load of cash and have a direct cremation, which is a simple cheap funeral. There is nobody present except the crematorium attendants. It is conducted with all due respect to the deceased. And you then save the cash for a memorial service and celebration of life, later.

If you cannot afford a funeral, direct cremation could be the answer
And, if you simply cannot afford the funeral? One answer would be Go Direct Funerals. We do just cremation, which is also known as cremation without ceremony. It is as low cost as it is possible to be. Our site also contains a link to the relevant UK Government website for advice how on how to apply for assistance, as well as all the details of what you need to do plus, Go Direct funerals will help you with the formalities.

Where to look for advice on low cost funerals
We will arrange the collection of the deceased and all the arrangements necessary for a dignified end of life direct cremation. A respectful, cheap funeral or cremation without ceremony.

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