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When we die, we all imagine we would have the most dignified exit into the next world, but not necessarily at any price. Here is a cheaper way to go…

In death, as in life, there are choices. Many families are turning away from traditional Funerals with a hearse, shiny limousines, expensive coffin, church service with flowers and all the bells and whistles.

Several well known celebrities have chosen the direct cremation route, which is a funeral without ceremony. It is dignified yet costs much less. David Bowie was one such. Others were Karl Lagerfeld, author Anita Brookner and John Lennon.

It is not to do with religion so much as with the deceased’s wish to go quietly, so to speak. There is always the option to celebrate a life later, after the initial grief has eased and everyone is more composed. Perhaps this might be a memorial service at the Parish church to meet relations and friends and remember the life of the dear departed. Some mourners like to have photos up or, better still a photo-frame with video. A formal cremation or funeral certainly precludes these very personal wishes, so is worth thinking about.

Always welcome however, is a good cup of tea and a glass of their favourite tipple perhaps in the local pub to send them on their way and remember a life well lived. Cheers!

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