A simple direct cremation for those who want a respectful, low cost funeral 

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Direct cremation low-cost simple funerals, unattended funerals without a ceremony. Save money over traditional funeral services. No need for a pre-paid funeral plan. 

Prompt collection, by a trusted direct cremation provider.

We will look after everything, giving you time to decide what happens next. It can all be arranged over the phone or by email.

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Step 1

Talk to us, we can help

Step 2

We collect your loved one

Step 3

The Cremation will take place

Step 4

We will hand deliver the Ashes

Step 5

You plan how to celebrate their life

Call us: 0333 444 4524 or request a callback

Our clear and simple pricing policy


Including Cremation Costs and Doctors Fees


Urgent Collection

What is included in our Go Direct Cremations service

  • Go Direct Cremations arranges the collection of the deceased in a respectful manner
  • We supply a simple coffin and book the crematorium (Eco pine)

  • The deceased is cared for in a mortuary until the cremation

  • The ashes will be returned to you securely

  • We will help you and keep you informed throughout the process

Why choose a cremation without ceremony

  • Gives you time to decide what happens next

  • Relieves the emotional trauma of visiting a funeral director and attending the crematorium

  • Go Direct Cremations offer considerable savings compared to a traditional funerals, which can cost £4000 or more

  • You have greater choice over how to celebrate their life  

Call us: 0333 444 4524 or request a callback

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Our mission is to change the funeral experience. We feel that in today’s more secular world, the desire and need for a big ceremony is no longer a prime wish for many people.

There is a move towards a simpler, cheaper yet just as dignified send-off for our loved ones.

Many families are surprised by the unexpected costs of a traditional funeral. They may be saddled with the burden of debt and Go Direct Cremations offers a simpler low-cost alternative.

We will not, however, compromise in maintaining the dignity deserved by the deceased.

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