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The Millennial attitude to funerals

The Millennial attitude to funerals - Go Direct Cremations

The Millennial attitude to funerals

You have not planned the funeral; you are not sure what to do.  Who do you phone first?  An undertaker, the Police?  What sort of funeral did Aunt Mabel want?  Well, probably what you do is go on-line to see what comes up for cremations in your local area.  The Internet will come up with a bewildering array of names, and what starts as a quest for a cheap cremation or a cheap funeral can end up being anything but.  An undertaker will gladly help you, and themselves and in no time, you have signed up for a traditional funeral with hearse, smart limousines, expensive coffin, flowers and top-hatted funeral director.  At a cost of £4,000 plus.  Ouch.

Why are there so many different charges? 

The answer is it does not!  It is also clear that the funeral industry is stuck in its own shadow.  It has not sunk in that modern Millennials are not going to put up with automatically buying into the big cremation and funeral deal.  Particularly now, with Covid19, you may not hold a funeral service in church or have more than immediate family attend the local crematorium so, forget it.

I just want a low-cost cremation with no fuss.

You remembered that you heard of something called direct cremation or cremation without ceremony.  Now, the person who has died was not particularly religious, nor did they want a big fuss so, you narrow your search and you want to hold a celebration of life after the Covid19 crisis and lockdown is over.  You see a website entitled Go Direct Cremations.  You have a look and see that for a relatively modest outlay, they will take care of all the arrangements and deliver the ashes back to you later.  All for just over £1,100.  Wizard.

Direct cremation, low-cost and perfectly dignified

There it is then.  A low-cost cremation.  It is cheap so you can spend the money giving dear Aunt Mabel a proper send-off at her golf club or the National Trust property she loved to visit.  All the family will come, and we will have a right old knees up.  Perfect.

Arrange on-line – Go Direct Cremations.

Click the link and away you go.  No worries and all taken care of.

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