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How a funeral works during Covid19 lock-down

Practicalities of a funeral during COVID - Go Direct Cremations

During the nationwide lock-down, it may be appropriate to talk about how a funeral works during Covid19 lock-down and the practical reasons to choose a direct cremation or cheap funeral. Most crematoria will only permit immediate family members at the committal anyway so, you may well ask, why go to the expense of a traditional funeral with no friends or work colleagues there? You could save several thousand pounds; and, there are no hidden costs.

Such a funeral is simple to organise, affordable and will suit non-religious families. Go Direct Funerals will make the arrangements for you, and relieve you of further stress, at a deeply difficult time.

This alternative does not imply any disrespect for the deceased. It is anything but. Just consider the emotional trauma of attending the crematorium? Many people dislike the very idea of a crematorium. They believe it is not stress free and something which they would personally prefer not to do.

As for you, the family member designated to make the arrangements, wouldn’t you like someone else to take the responsibility of doing this?

During Covid19, people have re-discovered how pleasant it can be when someone is nice to them. We have also been provided with the perfect opportunity for a period of reflection, which many people have found comforting.

Cupboards, attics, cellars, garages and sheds that have lain full of stuff which “might come in useful one day!” have been a source of amusement and occasionally amazement at what has turned up. Long lost photos, mementos, gifts and much more has come to light, as well as things which can be thrown out. A host of small DIY tasks which there is never time to under normal circumstances have proved most satisfying to do, and they often do not take long. A blunt tool, a broken piece of furniture, a loose cupboard door for example.

All most therapeutic, so, perhaps you should apply the same lateral thinking to the way you arrange a funeral.

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