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Is there ever a good time to die?

The British are rubbish at doing death. They just will not talk about it. Until it’s too late. It’s rather like the War. It’s always the other guy who “gets it”. Until, of course, they don’t.

Reading the deaths notices in the paper is revealing. It is more about what isn’t said than what is. For example; after a long illness, bravely born. Did the person have any choice? Probably not. Peacefully, surrounded by her family; this could be about a reigning monarch.

The thing is, we are all going to die, of something, somewhere, somehow. We simply don’t know when except that one day, eventually, the grim reaper will take us.

Most people don’t ask or plan to die. Mmm, Tuesday would be good, doesn’t quite do it, does it?

But, when the time comes, most people are surprised at just how much a professionally conducted cremation service costs. If you want all the pomp and ceremony, it can cost thousands – for top-hatted funeral directors, the hearse, limousines, fancy coffin, chapel of rest, flowers, expensive printing and more.

Have you thought about how you want to go?

Perhaps you have thought of a simple, cheap but respectful alternative? Although it’s not all about cost, you can now have no funeral, just cremation. But how much is a direct cremation?

A cremation without ceremony costs as little as £1195 which is a new service offered by Go Direct Funerals.

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