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How do you want to go?

How do you want to go?! Go Direct Cremations

No plan

As one’s own passing is the last possible thing on your mind, it is likely that you won’t actually plan it. Then, when it happens, your immediate family are left to deal with the matter in absentia. If you don’t want a formal procession, with top-hatted Funeral Director, pall bearers, hearse and limousines then Go Direct Cremations will arrange it for you. More cash for a really good send-off later with all your special friends there to, after COVID-19, of course.

To horse!

You may have an idea that you want to be taken to the crematorium by donkey and cart, or a ceremonial horse-drawn hearse.


If you are fond of country matters perhaps a tractor drawn cart. There are stories about a car enthusiast being conveyed in a classic Camper Van.

A nautical theme

Why not be carried down river to your final resting place on a traditional sailing barge?
The options are many and, if you have a sense of humour, your family relations and friends will have a quiet giggle remembering you this way.

Changing trends

Coronavirus has caused everyone to re-evaluate their lives. For those who have been infected this can mean a long period of convalescence. Life-styles are examined; does one really need that new whatever? Can I make the dining room carpet do for another couple of years? Or that new car?


We have travelled less this year too. Not just by air but by using the car less. This has meant less pollution, less CO2 in the atmosphere and cleaner, clearer skies. Terrific. And there is the added bonus that with smaller congregations permitted to attend a funeral, the carbon footprint, your carbon footprint is smaller too.

Your passing, your choice

So, why not make a plan. Write it down in your will. You have made one, haven’t you? Oh well, now is a good time to start. And if it’s to be a simple unattended cremation without ceremony, then call Go Direct Cremations and talk to them.

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