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Death, dying and coronavirus

Armageddon is here. The end of the world is nigh. Really? Speaking personally, having suffered from information overload with the endless news reports about Brexit, Brexit then more Brexit, for three and a half years, following the December 2019 General Election, I prepared for a new dawn. Hope and optimism were in the air and, love him or hate him, Boris would get it done!

We may be capable of predicting the weather with long-term satellite forecasts. But we are not the masters of the universe when it comes to fighting an unknown strain of a potentially lethal virus (coronavirus) which can and does strike down outwardly fit and healthy humans in a matter of days. Dying has become very uncertain.

The government is introducing far-reaching measures to protect the general public from un-necessary exposure with self-isolation, home-working and overseas travel bans.

So, as during WW2, we should “Keep Calm and Carry On”. We ought not to listen to the doom-mongers but try and think positively of our less fortunate neighbours who are unable to go to the Supermarkets or who are lonely and phone them up to check whether they need anything.

Bear in mind also that, should the worst happen, large funeral gatherings are not possible now therefore this would be a good opportunity to consider a direct cremation, or cremation without ceremony. Go Direct Funerals offer this service for just £1195.

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