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Verification of deaths via video link

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Viewing bodies via video link

Doctors are now asking bereaved families to show them the bodies of their relatives via video link to confirm the deaths.

Orders from above

Recent comments by health chiefs suggest that doctors are being told to avoid making house calls during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Case study

One woman who called the NHS when her mother died was told the doctor would call on the family to verify the death.  However, she was even more upset when, instead of a house call the doctor rang and asked the family to confirm the death by video link.  They were deeply offended at this unsympathetic request saying it was undignified and they refused.  The doctor later said she would attend the private house, provided everyone wore a face-mask.

Risk of infection

Medical staff are naturally sensitive to exposure to the risk of coronavirus.  They deal with this risk daily.  They are now saying they will attend a dead person but only when all present wear face masks during the visit.

Official Medical Officers comment

The chief executive of the Patients Association, Rachel Power said that “we would expect that NHS staff would carry out sensitive processes as the sensitive act of verification of  a death in person to show dignity to the person who has died”.

The chief medical officer at the Solent NHS Trust said GP surgeries throughout the UK are asked to consider offering remote consultations to patients and families, including certification of death.  This has been done to protect both patients and staff.

Keep calm and carry on

We suggest everyone should try and understand why this is so.  After all, we have had telephone consultations with our GP’s for some time now and most people understand why.

Unfortunately, a person who has just lost a beloved family member is not at their best when it comes to arranging the funeral.  But, with Coronavirus still with us, many folk are requesting a simple, unattended cremation without ceremony for beloved relation.  Specialists in this field are Go Direct Cremations who will take care of all the details so, why not give them a call, now.

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