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A New Year’s Resolution

You have made a will, haven’t you? I know, we all put it off or, like me, who made one so long ago, the executors are dead and the whole thing needs to be updated, asap. Therefore, I’ve made a large note in my January “to do” list, to redraft my will.

So, why not make this year’s resolution? At the same time have you thought about what you want for your funeral, have you considered a direct funeral? You don’t need to commit to a funeral plan which ties up money in advance for something which hopefully won’t happen for some time but, you should put clear instructions in your will as to what you want to happen to your body?

There is now an alternative to the old order of a formal church funeral service with the undertaker in his silk top hat, shiny hearse and cars, black coated pall bearers, flowers and everything. You can now have a direct cremation, without ceremony. There is no service, nor does the family attend the crematorium. After you have said goodbye to your loved one, the body is removed by the undertaker to the mortuary and assuming there is no post-mortem, it is then transferred to a crematorium where it is respectfully cremated and, the ashes returned for scattering by the family and friends, perhaps followed by a memorial service, then a wake, when everyone is more composed.

A new year, a new dawn, not just 2020 vision. Click here for our direct funeral service and pricing and what is involved.

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