What is a low cost direct cremation without Ceremony?

A direct cremation is a distinctive alternative to a traditional funeral. We offer a simple, dignified cremation at a time and place that we choose, without mourners present.

Allowing Go Direct Cremations to arrange the funeral ensures full respect for the deceased person whilst eliminating the stress of attending the crematorium as well as unnecessary expense.

If desired, family and friends are then able to hold a private memorial service or send-off at a later date, confident that they will not be judged to have in any way failed the deceased by not attending the funeral, at what can be a deeply distressing time.

How much does a Go Direct Cremation cost?


Direct cremation without a ceremony with ashes returned £1190.

Direct cremation without a ceremony with ashes returned £1095. (Scotland only)

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stripe-payment-logo What is a Low Cost Direct Cremation Without Ceremony ?

You may be entitled to a Funeral Expenses Payment from HM Government.  To check eligibility: Click here

What is included:

  • Collection of the deceased from hospital or mortuary in a hearse or suitable vehicle and thence to a crematorium

  • Care and preparation of the deceased

  • Doctors' fees if required

  • Professionally trained funeral attendants

  • All cremation fees and costs for an unattended committal 

  • Plain, solid pine wood coffin

  • Ashes returned by hand

What is not permitted:

  • Viewing the deceased after we take them into our care 

  • Choosing either the date or time the cremation will take place

  • The crematorium is of our choosing 

  • Because of these stipulations, no mourners may attend the crematorium on the day

  • Additional products or services eg., flowers or wreaths

Additional services may be added:

  • Collection of the deceased from a private address or nursing home or out of hours is subject to prior agreement and will incur extra cost

  • Any deceased over 125kgs will incur additional coffin costs

Step by step guide to arranging a funeral?

The death must have been verified by a medical professional before you can start the process.

It is the responsibility of the authorised person responsible for arranging the funeral to register the death at their local Registry Office. 

Once we have all the relevant details, we will contact you to complete the formalities.

We will then arrange to collect the deceased and commence the process.

The ashes will be scattered in the garden of remembrance at the crematorium. This will be unattended.

If you have chosen to have the ashes returned, this will be by courier to the address given.

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Our mission is to change the funeral experience. We feel that in today’s more secular world, the desire and need for a big ceremony is no longer a prime wish for many people.

There is a move towards a simpler, cheaper yet just as dignified send-off for our loved ones.

Many families are surprised by the unexpected costs of a traditional funeral. They may be saddled with the burden of debt and Go Direct Cremations offers a simpler low-cost alternative.

We will not, however, compromise in maintaining the dignity deserved by the deceased.

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